Materials Innovation

Development through contemporary research

This is the heart and soul of SSEC Energy, It is where we excel, it is where we innovate, where we thrive and where we discover.

Powering the evolving demands of a mobile consumer lifestyle with greater levels of energy source efficiency is dependent on the charge and discharge capabilities of miniaturized battery technology.

Current and emerging technologies such as wearables, medical devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications remain reliant on the improvement of power efficiencies, and as consumer demand for smart home and electronic vehicles continues to increase, the market for innovative power source technologies is presented with much scope.

Next generation technologies

At SSEC Energy, we see a world where minaturized batteries are capable of withstanding the rigors of mobile consumption as the possibility of nex-gen technologies enters an area not see since the advent of the internet.

We see battery technology on the verge of something extraordinary, something that will be a game changer for electronic devices and application reliant on a mobile power source. SSEC Energy is positioned to capitalize on this nex-gen era as our people and the technologies continue to innovate towards a vision for the future.

Materials Innovation focus