Strategy & Development

Commercializing technology & services

SSEC Energy's development strategy is evolving towards the commercialization of its technologies and services.

The company works in collaboration under partnership or licensing terms with private companies and multinational corporations to develop disruptive technologies and to improve on existing material capabilities.

Capitalizing on energy dependent consumption

Through its collaboration initiative, SSEC Energy continues to expand upon its portfolio of intellectual property to further attract manufacturers of energy dependent goods targeted towards both industrial and commercial consumption.

SSEC Energy's research and development is focused on creating reliable, cost effective technical solutions to existing obstacles where consumer need is identified and demand has potential to reach market dimensions to exceed $1 billion.

Developing cost efficient energy solutions

The company continues to explore technology initiatives where innovation and enhancements are integrated into commercial solutions.

Through a strategically placed collaboration initiative, SSEC Energy has created a number of partnerships to combine intellectual and capital resources into a development catalyst.

The collaboration initiative introduced in 2016 creates additional revenue streams under conditions of licensing, research and consultation and joint development initiatives.

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