Technologies & Services

Maintaining our competitive advantage

We understand that innovation is the key to sustaining our competitive advantage whilst building value for investors over the long-term.

Technologies & Services

SSEC Energy has great depth in resources both financially, in terms of its people and believes it has the right research and innovation tools available which are paramount to accomplishing sustainable growth and development while supporting the company's competitiveness.

To this aim, we have the benefit of a large network of strategic partners that sit within our technology and innovative field from both the public and private sectors allowing us to access a broad spectrum of specialist knowledge and experience.

Strategic Partnerships

SSEC Energy's strategic partnerships include a number of prominent multi-national corporations whose focus had identified material development as the next phase in accelerating the progress of energy reliant devices and IoT applications.

By working in partnership with experienced manufacturers and leading design divisions, SSEC Energy is able to reduce business and technical risk whilst creating a catalyst scenario towards rapid commercialization.